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Wed-Sat  11-7

Cucina di Paolo!

Cooking with love

For the week (June 9-12th)



Hope you are having a great week.  Here are MJ's creations for this week.


Crumble Pie

Cherry Custard tart

Blueberry Cheesecake

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

New York Cheesecake

Country Fair Cheesecake

Decadent Peanut Butter Pie

Apple Pie

Carrot Cake

Almond Croissant Bread Pudding

Creamy Key Lime Delight

Reeses Take 5 Chocolate Pretzel Dessert

Salted Caremel Parfai

Caramel toasted Pecan Cheesecake

Better Than ... cake






































With heavy hearts we announce the death of Chef Paul Wegner, here is a letter from MJ:

FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART MY CHILDREN AND I THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS. ANY OF YOU WHO KNOW PAUL AND I… KNEW WE SHARED BEING ONE PERSON WITH 2 PERSONALITIES… Practical pig and frivolous pig…. I AM SO BROKEN AND WHEREAS I LOVE YOUR CARE, right now there isn’t anything to say and MY ONLY WISH IS FOR MY SWEETHEART TO COME BACK…… so I don’t want to talk and hope you know it is me just wanting to be down the rabbit hole with the lid pulled down and cry and “hold on.” Listen to the song “HOLD ON” by Alabama Shakes. I feel a luxury in the wealth of not only friendships but acquaintances with offers to help. After a dab, when I even can recognize what would be helpful, I will, with heartfelt gratitude, reach out to ask. Asking has never been a suit of clothes that Paul and I wore, if we couldn’t do it we did without and if we couldn’t have something by working hard…. we didn’t need it. I am cherishing our LOVE STORY and know he would love that I didn’t sit on the curb crying forever (which I will until the rest of my days) but start a sequel to us… We used to joke that if he got tired of doing this before me I would just have our work place be “COME IN FOR MJ’S JUST DESSERTS AND OCCASIONAL FLOWER ARRANGEMENETS” Me and my families aim is to HONOR PAUL’S LEGACY and make him prouder of all of us and to transition into a place to begin with lasagnes, cx pot pies, salad and my desserts.


We had intended only to do one and we determined this years would be the last and a “COLLECTORS EDITION” … turns out… it is… my heart is missing. We have had wonderful causes to receive the benefits and it made us extremely pleased to settle on the WOMEN AND CHILDRENS ALIANCE… NOT ONLY a good cause but they actually use the $ to help folks and not pad handling hands. We heard so many loving memories of how Betty has been a fond memory from childhood or just fun for the community as we dressed her up. We did calendars as community love -give back… They will be available at our work when we reopen. For now you can also leave a phone message @208.345.7150, please speak your number slowly and clearly and we will get back to you. We called Betty… Boise’s biggest dress up doll and I will make sure she is taken care of and being the WELCOME WOMAN TO BOISE.

I know I am forgetting something as witnessed by me looking for something when it is right in my hand…

I don’t have a definitive answer as to the cause of death; the autopsy report is still pending, but appears to be heart issues. We had planned one final camping time in our trailer with our Peanut and Penny and a time out/play date with each other to nail down how we were going to exit our business with a bang…working a couple of days only and 5 course dinners…. by special reservation.

A friend pointed out that I got a final gift from God and no matter the sorrow and pain, I was laying on his back trying to give him the massage he thought might eliminate the not so good feeling he just spoke minutes ago that he had. That he left this world with …… as he always delighted in and said….“HIS THREE GIRLS”. PAUL’S 60th birthday was on the 21st and I said, “Don’t think of it as old…. THINK OF IT IN TERMS OF THE YEARS GIFTED.” To have the everydays…. everyday and our special “us” when it was us and our furry people… and to earned our stripes as a MOM AND POP SHOP WITH FROSTING… what a life …. what a love…. and for us both, smart enough to know what we had…. now, letting hurt and loss sit clearly on my heart until I can live more in happy smiles and memories and get past my sweetheart in flight …. AND I FEEL LIKE A FLIGHT RISK! But I have our children and puppies and would not intentionally make them orphans. Always did kisses in 3’s…. loves me, loves me not and back to loves me!

BIGGEST THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR LOVE, CARE, AND CONCERN AND BEING A PART OF KEEPING OUR DOORS OPEN. Please consider what our plan B will turn out to be to start our tribute of legacy and not try to wear Paul’s shoes, but to at least set ours on the shelf next to his!!!